Black and White, 77 min
Character: Doris Worthington
Director: Norman Taurog
Cast: Bing Crosby, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Ethel Merman, Leon Errol, Ray Milland, Jay Henry
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Beautiful high society type Doris Worthington is entertaining guests on her yacht in the Pacific when it hits a reef and sinks. She makes her way to an island with the help of singing sailor Stephen Jones. Her friend Edith, Uncle Hubert, and Princes Michael and Alexander make it to the same island but all prove to be useless in the art of survival. The sailor is the only one with the practical knowhow to survive but Doris and the others snub his leadership offer. That is until he starts a clam bake and wafts the fumes in their starving faces. The group gradually gives into his leadership, the only question now is if Doris will give into his charms.


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