Black and White, 96 min
Character: Amy Peters
Director: Garson Kanin
Cast: Charles Laughton, William Gargan, Harry Carey, Frank Fay
Studio: RKO Pictures

While visiting San Francisco, Tony Patucci, a simple grape grower from the Napa Valley, sees waitress Amy Peters and falls in love. Returning home without ever meeting Amy, Tony persuades his foreman Joe, an incorrigible womanizer and wanderer, to write a letter to Amy in Tony's name. Tony's courtship by mail culminates with his proposal to Amy, and when she requests a picture of him, Tony sends her one of Joe. Amy, destitute and willing to do anything to escape poverty, accepts the proposal and journeys to Napa to be married. Horrified to discover that her prospective husband is not the handsome young man in her photo, but rather the portly, earthy Tony, Amy reluctantly decides to go through with the alliance. However, during a celebration on the eve of the wedding, Tony falls from a rooftop and breaks both his legs, and as he lies in bed recuperating, Amy and Joe succumb to their carnal desires. Two months later, Tony is able to walk again, and as he joyously plans the wedding, Amy discovers that she is pregnant. Upon learning of his betrayal, Tony pummels Joe, who leaves the vineyards in shame. As he leaves, Joe passes Father McKee, the village priest who has come to drive Amy and Tony to their wedding, and tells the priest the awful truth. The big-hearted Tony forgives Amy and insists that they still be married, but Amy is unable to forgive herself and, repentant, drives off with Father McKee as Tony looks on, hoping that she will return one day.


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