Black and White, 70 min
Character: Doris Blake
Director: Alexander Hall
Cast: Chester Morris, Adrienne Ames, Alison Skipworth, Walter Byron, Zita Moulton, Cary Grant
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Doris Blake models clothes for New York's society women. When her car mechanic boyfriend, Jimmie Martin, proposes, Doris insists they wait to marry until they have more money, refusing to live as her family does, unambitious and in a crowded house without privacy. Angry that Doris believes he has no ambition, Jimmie takes a job as chauffeur for millionaire Claire Kinkaid, who has all the luxuries of life except a man to love. At a fashion show on Long Island, Doris, meanwhile, meets wealthy playboy Eric Nelson, who is soon to be divorced. When Doris spends a series of late nights with Eric, her father kicks her out, then tells Jimmie she is running around with a married man. Angry and hurt, Jimmie marries Claire, although both of them know he still loves Doris. Eric and Doris, meanwhile, drink and gamble in high society. One night, Doris' friend, Lil, who loves handsome playboy Ridgeway, kills herself when she realizes he will never love, much less marry, her. Later at a party, Jimmie meets a young fortune hunter who is married to an older, rich woman, who calls Jimmie a gigolo. Jimmie leaves in anger and runs into Doris, whom he insults, telling her, "You know what you are." When Ridgeway tells Doris that Eric has left for Europe with his wife but has left her a check, she leaves for Santa Barbara, CA. Sorry for the way he treated Doris, Jimmie parts amicably from Claire. Doris, meanwhile, has taken a job with a dressmaker in Santa Barbara. Eric tracks her there and tells her that he divorced in Paris and wants to marry her. She refuses his proposal, then finds him trying to sell a car to her boss. Later they meet in the elevator, swear their love and kiss.

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