Black and White, 70 min
Character: Cleo
Director: Paul L. Stein
Cast: Eddie Quillan, Lina Basquette, Robert Armstrong, Crauford Kent
Studio: Pathe Exchange

After watching Rita Carey dance with a trained duck, Eddie Kehoe, a two-bit vaudeville hoofer, makes her his dancing partner. Their act is a great success, and Eddie and Rita fall in love. One evening, at the Hotel Metropole, Rita sits with Owens, the manager of a musical revue, and Eddie becomes jealous; they quarrel, and Rita walks out on him, taking a part in Owens' show. Eddie finds himself a new partner, a gold digger named Cleo, but she quits him just before their big opening at Keith's. Rita, who is backstage to wish Eddie luck, takes Cleo's place, and their act is once again the hit of the show.


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