Black and White, 80 min
Character: Pauline
Director: Victor Schertzinger
Cast: Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Kathryn Crawford, Josephine Dunn, Richard Tucker, Roscoe Karns, Raoul Paoli, Virginia Bruce, Geneva Mitchell
Studio: Paramount Pictures

William Butler Reynolds, a 20-year-old San Franciscan with a penchant for dancing and song-writing, is about to inherit a sizable fortune. His guardian uncle decides to send him to New York to be educated in the "ways of the world" by three lady friends--Jacqueline, Maxine, and Pauline, Follies girls, who agree not to vamp him though he falls for Jacqueline and is jealous of her admirer, Phil Kempton. Bill's inept attempt to promote a song with a producer results in the firing of all three girls; and when Jacqueline then resists his advances, he picks up Alma, a telephone operator, and becomes attentive to Cleo, a Follies vamp, but the girls save him from her wiles. Luckily, the producer accepts the song and rehires the girls; Jacqueline, realizing the sincerity of the boy's love for her, embarks for Europe with Phil; but Phil realizes the appropriateness of the match and sees to it that the lovers are united.


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