Black and White, 66 min
Character: Rhoda Philbrooke
Director: Howard Higgin
Cast: Robert Armstrong, Roland Drew, Jeanette Loff, John Loder, Paul Hurst, Hedda Hopper, Kit Guard
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Mahlon Keene, a suave racketeer, notices Mehaffy, a policeman, arrest a shabby, drunken violinist for vagrancy and bribes him to forget the charge; after Keene and his henchman depart, Rhoda Philbrook appears in a taxi, addresses the musician as "Tony," and has him driven away. Meanwhile, Keene arranges for a planned robbery to be delayed. At a charity function, Keene takes an interest in Rhoda when he detects her cheating at cards; she reveals that she has left her husband for the violinist, whom she hopes to regenerate; and for Rhoda's sake Keene arranges for Tony's appearance at a concert. When threatened by Weber, a rival, Keene shoots him and, after the concert, bids farewell to Rhoda. The rival gang take revenge on Keene, leaving Tony and Rhoda to a new life together.


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