POWER (1928)
Black and White, Silent, 60 min
Character: Another Dame
Director: Howard Higgin
Cast: William Boyd, Alan Hale, Jacqueline Logan, Clem Beauchamp, Joan Bennett
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Husky and Handsome, two tough dam builders who spend most of their time stealing each other's women, make a pact stipulating that henceforth each is to lay off the other's dame. The agreement is no sooner sealed than they spy Lorraine La Rue, a demure little thing struggling with a heavy suitcase. The boys go after her, and she soon promises separately to marry each of them, after first borrowing all their savings for "an operation on my sick mother." The boys discover her duplicity too late and arrive at the train station in time to see Lorraine disappearing around the bend with all their money--and the town dude


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