Black and White, 71 min
Character: Annie Holt
Director: Walter Lang
Cast: Lyle Talbot, Walter Connolly, Louise Closser Hale, Allen Vincent
Studio: Columbia Pictures

The departure of an ocean liner is delayed pending the arrival of Anne Holt, the daughter of the ship's owner and heiress to the biggest fortune in America. On the cruise, Anne pursues passenger Tony Gage and flirts with him. Knowing Anne is engaged to Prince Carlos, Tony does not believe her when she tells him that she is in love with him. At her home, Anne tells her father Bill, a banker, of her experience, and he invites Tony to dinner. The two men talk most of the evening, but finally the couple is left alone and realize they are in love. Unknown to Anne, Bill is in financial trouble but refuses to go to his father-in-law, Jerome Cedric, for assistance. When Anne visits Cedric, he explains that he financed a revolution to give Carlos a throne and is determined to have them marry, having been thwarted when Anne's mother married Bill rather than Cedric's choice. Cedric tells Anne of Bill's troubles and promises to keep him out of jail only if she marries Carlos. The next day, Anne asks Bill to inform Tony that she will marry Carlos, and Tony bitterly believes she never loved him. Carlos' arrival reveals that he is an inarticulate man well past middle age. Bill, knowing Anne is unhappy, begs Cedric for help but is refused, and realizes he can only save them by removing Cedric's threat. Bill and Gran Holt bring Anne and Tony out to a farm with Judge Terwilliger, who marries them, and Bill calls Cedric to gloat. Then Bill lies to Anne and says he must go to Washington, but crashes his plane and kills himself, ensuring that the ruin he faced will not affect Anne's happiness with Tony.


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