Black and White, 71 min
Character: Jennie
Director: William J. Cowen
Cast: Irene Rich, Theodore Roberts, Robert Armstrong, George Barraud
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Rumrunner Babe Callahan uses the home of his married brother, George, as a front for his operations. Carrie, George's wife, unaware of the arrangement, runs a restaurant in part of the large house, owned by her father, who is captain of the local ferry for which George collects the fares. George proves to be more the scoundrel than his bootlegging brother when he steals money from the fares to buy jewelry to purchase the affections of Jennie, a waitress. When a government official, Kelly, investigates the cellar of the house, George kills him, hiding the body in an apple bin. Prohibition officers arrive searching for Kelly but find instead trucks with false bottoms. The officials leave, staking-out nearby. Babe's first instinct is to flee, but he remains to protect Carrie and the children. George loads the trucks with the body and liquor, and he takes two of the children to avert suspicion. Carrie frantically enlists Babe's aid. A wild chase culminates with George plunging over a cliff to his death but not before Babe, racing alongside, rescues the children. Babe is arrested but promises Carrie he will return to her.


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