Black and White, 70 min
Character: Blonde Rosie
Director: Raoul Walsh
Cast: June Collyer, Don Terry, Anders Randolf
Studio: Fox Film Corporation

Jimmy Williams, a slum youth who has slowly drifted from petty theft to armed robbery, knocks over a joint on his own and comes up with $50,000. He hides the money but has no chance to spend it, for he is picked up by the police, tried, and sentenced to jail. During his 2 years on the rock pile, Jimmy has a change of heart: his mother dies tragically, and he comes under the beneficent influence of Mary Regan. Paroled for good behavior before the end of his term, Jimmy decides to go straight, planning to return the $50,000 to its rightful owner. His old gang learns of the plan, however, and attempts to steal the money from him before he can turn it over to the police; but with Mary's help, Jimmy outwits the gangsters and returns the cash. Jimmy then sets out with Mary on the road to a new life.


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