Black and White, Silent
Character: Celia Hathaway
Director: Roy William Neill
Cast: Edmund Lowe, Adolph Milar
Studio: Foz Film Corporation

A gang of crooks led by Holden steals a government code, and Cyril Gordon, a Secret Service agent who bears a strong resemblance to the gang leader, is assigned to recover the stolen documents. Cyril successfully impersonates Holden and recovers the papers. He also gets himself a bride when, in the name of Holden, he marries Celia, a beautiful young woman who was about to sacrifice herself in matrimony to the gangster. Cyril discloses his identity to the girl, and they journey together to Washington, where Cyril reports to his superiors. Holden catches up with the newlyweds and traps them in a hotel room, but Cyril outfights Holden and escapes with his new wife. The gang is broken up, and Celia announces to Cyril that she would be honored to continue as his wife.


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