LADIES' MAN (1931)
Black and White, 70 min
Character: Rachel Fendley
Director: Lothar Mendes
Cast: William Powell, Kay Francis, Gilbert Emery, Olive Tell, Martin Burton
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Handsome and charming New York bachelor James Darricott, known by his women friends as Jamie, makes his living by pawning the expensive gifts that the women he entertains give him. Jamie runs into trouble when Rachel, the daughter of Helene Fendley, whom he has been seeing, falls in love with him and asks her mother to end her affair so she can marry him. Jamie then meets attractive society woman Norma Page as she is on her way out of town and convinces her to spend twenty-four hours with him. Jamie falls sincerely in love with Norma and confesses his gigolo lifestyle to her, and she accepts him. Helene's jealous husband Horace, meanwhile, traces his wife's jewels to a pawn shop and proves her affair with Jamie. Meanwhile, Jamie resolves to repay Helene the cost of the jewels and marry Norma. Helene plans to have Jamie play Potëmkin to her Catherine at a costume ball she is hosting. She visits Jamie and threatens to kill him unless he marries her following her divorce from Horace. Horace, however, beats her to it by firing a gun at Jamie in his apartment before the ball. The two men struggle on the balcony, and Jamie falls to his death. Norma arrives and, seeing him dead, swears he truly loved her. After returning her pawned jewels, Horace escorts his wife in the ball procession as Potëmkin, then is arrested by the police.


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