Black and White, 72 min
Character: Kay Dowling
Director: Marion Gering
Cast: Gary Cooper, Helen Ware, Lester Vail, Charles Trowbridge, Clara Blandick
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Kay Dowling, the willful daughter of wealthy Eastern parents, is sent to her father's ranch in Ursula, Wyoming, when he fears she will be named a co-respondent in a divorce case. Before she leaves, Kay's straight-laced suitor, Herbert Forrest, proposes, but Kay chooses the ranch over a honeymoon cruise. While on the ranch with her good-humored aunt Bessie, Kay falls reluctantly in love with cowhand Tom McNair and they marry. Her father disowns her, and she and Tom are forced to live in a one-room shack while Tom increases his cattle herd. A year passes and Kay longs for the comforts of the Dowlings' palatial estate. When she receives a telegram from home, she tells Tom her father is sick and deserts her husband. In New York, Kay writes Tom a letter asking for a divorce, but when he arrives at the estate and explains that he left the ranch to become a professional bronco rider in a rodeo, she assumes he never got the letter. Tom plays innocent until, during a party, he overhears the guests calling him a fool and tells Kay she can have her divorce. Realizing that with Herbert she is guaranteed only of a life of golf, Kay visits Tom at the rodeo. There, she sees him thrown from a bronco and reconciles with him. Now that his riding days are over, Tom decides to return to the ranch with Kay.


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