Black and White, 94 min
Character: Julie Eden
Director: John Cromwell
Cast: Cary Grant, Kay Francis, Charles Coburn, Helen Vinson , Katharine Alexander, Peggy Ann Garner, Jonathan Hale
Studio: RKO Pictures

When Alec Walker, the victim of a loveless union to a heartless woman who married him for his money and social position, meets Julie Eden and her daughter Ellen, he falls in love. Julie, a widowed commercial artist, is caring and uncomplicated, everything that Alec's wife Maida is not. However, Maida cunningly fools Alec's concerned parents into believing that she is the perfect wife, and consequently, when Alec demands a divorce, Maida consents on the condition that she sail to Paris with his parents and inform them of the divorce once they reach Europe. Alec foolishly agrees and follows Julie to New York, where he proposes to her. Over the objections of her sister Laura Morton, who has been hurt in love, Julie accepts. Julie and Alec look forward to their marriage, but Maida prolongs her stay in Europe, causing Julie much anguish. Finally returning home on Christmas Eve, Maida informs Julie that she will never grant Alec a divorce, and if he files for one, she will sue Julie for alienation of affections and drag her daughter into court to testify. Apparently defeated, Alec and Julie prepare to part when Alec contracts a severe case of life threatening pneumonia. When the doctor suggests that only the hope of a reunion with Julie can save Alec, Julie bravely approaches his sickbed and lies that Maida has agreed to a divorce. Soon after, Maida vehemently attacks Julie, and Alec's parents overhear her proclaim that she will never be satisfied with only a divorce settlement but wants all the Walker money. Exposed by her own duplicity, Maida is banished from Alec's life, thus clearing the way for his union with Julie.


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