Black and White, 63 min, Mono/Silent
Character: Billie Davis (The Girl)
Director: Howard Higgin
Cast: William Boyd, Owen Moore, Phillips Smalley, Billy Bevan
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Through heavy snow in the High Sierras, a motorbus carries an assorted group of passengers, although warned by a gas station attendant that the road is impassable. On the bus are Dan Egan, a deputy sheriff who holds in custody Billie Davis, a girl crook he is taking to prison; J. Milton Hendricksen, a banker with a firm belief in the power of money; and Diane, a girl en route to her wedding. During a blinding snowstorm, the driver loses his way and they are marooned. Reaching a small country church, apparently deserted, they encounter Bill Dougherty, a lineman, who apportions them a small amount of food. Billie falls in love with the lineman, whom she later discovers to be a criminal hiding from the law. For his part, Dan is torn between his duty and his dawning love for her. Billie and Bill plan to escape together, but when the group is rescued, they decide to serve their sentences, hoping for a happy future.


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