Black and White, Silent
Character: Bit (uncredited)
Director: William S. Van Dyke
Cast: Robert Agnew, Peggy Shaw, Lucien Littlefield
Studio: Fox Film Corporation

Following a streak of hard luck at the racetrack, Boots and his pal, Push, are down to their last dime. Boots saves a drunken young man named Kendall from being robbed of his considerable winnings at the roulette table and later drives Kendall back to his small hometown. There Boots meets Pert Barlow and decides to stay near her, taking a job in her father's store. Old Barlow owns a broken-down racehorse named Gold Heels, which Boots buys from him and trains for the big race. At the local orphanage, a child dies because of the dilapidated condition of the building, and Pert raises enough money to build a new orphanage. Old Barlow takes charge of the money, but it is stolen. Boots is accused of the crime and sent to jail. He is sprung by his pals, loads Gold Heels in a horse-trailer, drives to the track, and watches his horse win the big race. Kendall is exposed as the real thief and Boots is reconciled with Pert, whose father gives them his blessing to be married.


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