Black and White, 80 min
Character: Mary Magiz
Director: Jack Conway
Cast: Chester Morris, Zasu Pitts, Leo Carrillo, Nat Pendleton, Sam Hardy
Studio: MGM

When his girl friend Mary, a gold-digging chorus girl, demands that he marry her or lose her, New York bootlegger "Shoots" Magiz overcomes his fear of matrimony and proposes. On his way to the country wedding, however, Office Boy, Shoots's bodyguard and best man, is ambushed by rival racketeers, and the ceremony is delayed. Office Boy, whose real name is Jimmie Burnham, outsmarts his employer's competitors and rushes to the church to warn Shoots of their plot to kill him. Concerned for Mary's safety, Shoots cancels the wedding and instructs Office Boy to escort her back to New York, while he faces the bullets of his rivals. In spite of Office Boy's critical attitude toward her marriage plans, Mary arranges for a justice of the peace to marry her that night and manipulates the still nervous Shoots out of hiding. Before the marriage is consumated, Mary also arranges for her lawyer to draw up Shoots's will, stipulating that all of Shoots's assets will be left to her. Although Office Boy warns Shoots that, because of the new prohibition repeal law, his earnings have been slipping, Shoots refuses to cancel his European honeymoon and allows Mary to spend lavishly overseas. During Shoots's absence, two of his henchmen, Daniel J. Dingle and Mickey the Greek, plot to take over his bootlegging territory, but Shoots deduces their scheming and slips back to the city without telling them. Mary, meanwhile, starts to accumulate her own savings by selling a painting that Shoots purchased in Greece for a profit in New York and depositing the money in her private safe deposit box. Mary's savings plan is curtailed, however, when Shoots is finally exterminated by Dingle and the conditions of his will force Mary to assume his debts. Still the determined gold digger, Mary turns her charms on the lecherous Dingle, but stipulates that no marriage is possible without a paid-in-advance trust fund. To secure the trust fund, Dingle extorts money out of crooked politician Jim Smiley, but then is killed by Mickey, who also desires Mary. After Mary agrees to marry the now rich Mickey, however, she discovers that she and Office Boy have fallen in love and agrees to become his wife. In preparation for their marriage, Office Boy quits his bodyguard job and buys a garage in New Jersey. When Mary shows up with Mickey's stolen trust fund, however, he denounces her as a hopeless gold digger and breaks with her. To prove herself worthy, Mary, who is now wanted by both the police and Mickey, donates her trust fund to an eager bread line. Aware of Mickey's threats, Office Boy then rushes to find Mary in the city and, after being chased by police, faces Mickey in a gun battle and finally makes Mary his homemaker wife.


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