Black and White, 80 min
Character: Kay Winters, aka Kay Summers
Director: Mervyn LeRoy / Bobby Connolly
Cast: Fernand Gravey, Ralph Bellamy, Allen Jenkins, Marie Wilson, Marcia Ralston, Ottola Nesmith, Heather Thatcher
Studio: Warner Brothers

In Paris, incognito American movie star Kay Winters meets Rene, an apparently impoverished local, who is wearing evening clothes and offers to show her the real Paris. Although she is supposed to attend a dinner given by Lady Paula Malverton, she is so charmed by Rene that she agrees. After sightseeing, they have dinner at the same restaurant where Lady Malverton has brought her guests. Recognizing Rene, who had also been invited to her party, Lady Malverton calls him over to say hello. When he returns to his table, Kay has gone, but has left a sketch and a note asking him to meet her for lunch the next day at the fountain in Montmartre. After removing her dark wig, Kay returns to her hotel, where insurance salesman Phillip Chester, who is in love with her, is waiting. The next day, Rene oversleeps and his friend, Dewey Gilson, takes too long retrieving Rene's only daytime suit from Mme. Brioche's pawn shop. When Rene finally arrives at the fountain, he is wearing two oriental carpets and a turban appropriated from a passing salesman. As Rene talks with Kay, two elderly female tourists approach, thinking that Rene is selling the carpets, and argue with him and Kay over who can buy them. In a scuffle, Kay and one of the women each grab a carpet, forcing Rene to run away in his underwear. He learns later that she is a movie star from his cab driver and immediately phones her hotel, but discovers that she has left for London. He follows her there, arriving at her house during a masquerade party. She invites Rene to stay for dinner, and Lady Malverton insists that he make his specialty, crepes suzette. The crepes are so good that Kay jokingly offers him a job as her cook. After the party, Phillip begs Kay to stop work and marry him, but she postpones a decision. Not having seen Rene leave, Lady Malverton sneaks into Kay's house to see if she can find him. He tells her that he has taken a job as a cook, and delighted, Lady Malverton spreads the gossip. The next morning, after Kay learns his plan, she begs Rene to leave before he ruins her reputation. It is too late, however, as Lady Malverton's gossip has already attracted news reporters. As Rene will not leave, Kay agrees to keep him on as a servant. At the same time, she decides to marry Phillip and instructs her maid, Myrtle, to serve them an engagement dinner, which Rene does his best to spoil. Phillip and Kay quarrel and he walks out. Rene forces Kay to admit that she loves him, but she protests that she cannot marry him because of the difference in their status. Coldly, he tells her that he is a marquis and leaves. Kay runs after him into the rain. For shelter they duck into a doorway and find themselves on stage at the opera house. Laughing at their plight, they kiss for the audience.


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