Black and White, 70 min
Character: Alice O'Neil
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Frank Morgan, Charles Starrett, Henry Wadsworth, Winifred Harris, Herbert Yost, David Hutcheson, Ilka Chase, Herschel Mayall
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Marion and Bertie Lenox are representatives of the fast younger generation in a wealthy, tradition-bound Long Island family of which Bronson and Carrie Lenox are the heads. When Bronson is informed by his brother-in-law that his son Bertie is involved with a chorus girl, Bronson determines to investigate the matter, as his wife insists on keeping the family among only "the best people." At the cabaret where she works, Bronson is forced to admit that Alice is a fine girl and also discovers that his daughter Marion is in love with Henry Morgan, an automobile mechanic. Bronson later attempts to iron out the difficulties to the tune of hysterics from his wife and ranting by George, the brother-in-law. When it develops that Alice's friend, Millie, is opposed to her marrying, and when Morgan, interviewed as to his intentions, wants to test Marion before contemplating marriage, the family begins to promote rather than denounce the situation, resulting in a double wedding with blessings on all sides.


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