Black and White, Silent
Character: Ellen Boyd
Director: Lynn Reynolds
Cast: Buck Jones, Marian Nixon, Malcolm Waite, Fred DeSilva
Studio: Fox Film Corporation

Dick Durand, deciding to move to Mexico, sells his ranch and belongings to Sheriff Clem Allison, and Pete Garson, one of Allison's henchman, uses Durand's regalia to commit a number of crimes. Durand returns to vindicate himself and falls in love with Molly Gore, who with her invalid father is struggling to make out on a small ranch. She spurns him at first but softens after he returns with three children, the survivors of a raid on a wagon carrying gold for banker John Boyd. Durand finally establishes his innocence, rescues Boyd's daughter, who is imprisoned in the mine by Pete, and wins Boyd's gratitude and Molly's love.


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