Black and White, 71 min
Character: Abby Fane
Director: David Burton
Cast: Gene Raymond, Donald Cook, Monroe Owsley, Arthur Hohl, Irene Ware
Studio: Columbia Pictures

Wealthy Rod Deane takes nightclub singer Abby Fane, the girl he loves and plans to marry, to meet his family. His parents and family are aghast at the proposed match, for they believe that three generations of breeding will be lost. Nonetheless, Rod persuades Abby to marry him, and they honeymoon in Europe. The couple returns to find that Rod's best friend, Sigrift, has prepared a decorated apartment for them, which leaves Abby with nothing to do. On his $4,000 monthly allowance, Rod indulges in high-living and partygoing until Abby calls a halt to it. She wants a home life and nearly convinces Rod to go to work when Sig arrives to take them to a new club called Scandals. Abby refuses to go, and Sig brings Rod home drunk. The next day, Abby goes to see Rod's father to ask him to give Rod a job and to stop paying him a monthly allowance. However, Deane is more concerned about his racehorses and absentmindedly gives Abby another check. Meanwhile, Rod awakes with a hangover, but when he sees Abby packing to leave him, he promises to go to work. Rod gets a job with his father's company as an accountant, but when he learns that his brother, Franklin, a vice-president, spends most of the day at the racetracks, Sig convinces him to go as well. After a month of lies, Steve Walsh, a nightclub owner whose affections Abby rejected previously, forces Rod to reveal his truancy. Abby leaves Rod and returns to singing, despite Deane's accusations that she is capitalizing on the newspapers' sensational coverage of the separation. Unlike his father, Rod does not blame Abby and decides to get a job, using the name Preston. Combing the classifieds, Rod is repeatedly rejected because of his lack of experience. Finally, Rod is given a position, and Steve arranges for he and Abby to meet. Rod shows Abby his paycheck and indicates he earned it for his own self-respect, and the couple is reunited.


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