BIG NEWS (1929)
Black and White, 75 min
Character: Margaret Banks
Director: Gregory La Cava
Cast: Robert Armstrong, Louis Payne, Wade Boteler, Sam Hardy, Tom Kennedy
Studio: Pathe Exchange

Reporter Steve Banks is fired from his job and threatened with divorce by his wife, Margaret, for inattention. Actually Steve is investigating a dope ring headed, he believes, by Reno, owner of a speakeasy and a friend of Addison, the newspaper owner. Banks elicits a confession from Rose Peretti, one of Reno's agents, and deposits it with Addison. Reno murders Addison, destroys the confession, and leaves evidence that implicates Banks. A Dictaphone record Addison was making when he was struck down exonerates Banks and convicts Reno. Banks is rewarded with the restoration of his job and the return of his wife.


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