Black and White, 88 min
Character: Virginia Hoyt
Director: Alfred Santell
Cast: Warner Baxter, Theodore von Eltz, Hank Mann, Mona Maris, Wilfred Lucas, James Gibson, Larry McGrath, Jack Herrick, Walter Lewis
Studio: Fox Film Corporation

Posing as a wealthy and carefree Mexican miner, The Arizona Kid is loved by many señoritas, including Lorita, while carrying out his mission as bandit-hero. Their romance is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Virginia, an eastern girl accompanied presumably by her brother, Dick (actually her husband). While The Kid falls for the blonde and she makes a play for him, the sheriff becomes suspicious of his absence. Eventually, The Kid's mine, worked in secret, is raided and his two coworkers are killed. With the help of Lorita, The Kid learns that Dick and Virginia are the culprits; after a showdown in which Dick is killed, The Kid escapes with Lorita at his side.


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